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The Confluence Summit

Virtual: 10:00am-1:00pm PT (1:00pm-4:00pm ET)

Thursday, October 28, 2021



Welcoming Address

Amy Baker, Co-Founder and CEO, Winston Baker



The Making of Crypto Based Show, Hold On For Dear Life H.O.D.L


Conversation Between:

Chris Poirier Martin, Co-Founder & President, SATOR
Rob Weiss – Emmy Award Nominated Showrunner, Producer, Director (Entourage, How to Make in in America, Ballers)



A Fireside Chat with Jason Chen, Executive Vice President of Digital, BRON Studios

Exploring the Current Landscape of Animation and Gaming



Carlos Cruz, Executive Director, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Corporate & Investment Banking, Fifth Third Bank



Minding the Double Bottom Line

Making Your Dollars Count More When Investing in Film, TV, and other Content

Sometimes writing a check isn’t as straightforward as you would think.  Many investors these days are not just concerned about the fiscal performance of a project, but also care about the positive social impact of a project. This panel discussion will walk through the ins and outs of investing in new voices and independent content. We’ll discuss the different approaches and philosophies, ways to evaluate unproven talent, the right team you need to succeed, and lessons learned by the panelists.  This panel is great for both those who have the resources to help others tell their stories authentically, as well as those seeking to fundraise from such individuals.


Moderated By:

Sophia Yen, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP


Caroline von Kuhn, Director of Industry and Catalyst, The Independent Film Financing Program, Sundance Institute
Joe Plummer, President and Executive Producer, Wavelength Productions
Kathryn Schotthoefer, CEO & Founder, Original Media Ventures 


12:15pm - 1:00pm

Bridging the Silicon Valley & Hollywood Divide:

A conversation with a startup founder looking to do just that...

  • Major differences between the approaches and what’s changing
  • What is taking a "product" approach to content
  • Where do MVP's come in?
  • Talk about your experimentation in direct to consumer and crowd engagement from Kickstarters to WeFunder
  • Brand, genres and psychographics?


Peter Shiao, Founder & CEO, Immortal Studios


Ned Sherman, Partner and Leader Digital & Technology Transactions Unit, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP

"Driving communication and innovation between technology entrepreneurs and creative storytellers worldwide is crucial. Winston Baker is at the forefront of fostering such collaborations."

Steve Chen
Steve Chen Co-Founder

“Winston Baker artfully curates thought-provoking sessions with big strategic thinkers in tech and content who are creating the future of entertainment.”

Bettina Sherick
Bettina Sherick SVP, Worldwide Consumer Insights & Audience Analytics,
Warner Bros. Entertainment

"The ideation and execution of The Confluence Summit was simply, timely and brilliant. The Winston Baker team took their expertise in the world of film finance summits and boldly and confidently, planted a well-placed flag in Silicon Valley as if to say let’s connect the worlds of tech and entertainment now. The panels and guest speakers appealed to both the entertainment and tech communities and giants in both sectors."

Shirley Davis
Shirley Davis Physical Production Executive and Educator

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